Low End Theorists release 'Out Of Season'

By Balamii

Eora (Sydney) based label Theory Therapy presents Out of Season, a collection of immersive ambient and downtempo recordings inspired by place, environment and the passing seasons. Created across multiple time zones and four continents, the compilation consists of several geographically distant but sonically connected underground artists.

The collection begins in New Zealand. 'downpour', by Aotearoa based producer èvia, is a landscape drawing in sound, an evocation of the elements that blends subtle environmental recordings with cascading electronics and gossamer-like textures. From there, the compilation ventures into more nebulous terrain. The expansive ‘Shaft of Light’ is unlike anything Cousin and Hugh B have done before, ‘Tar Bae’ and ‘Journey To Urras’ hover somewhere in the between ambient and club music, and ‘Dementia Flower’ recalls IDM icons Boards of Canada if the duo were to have placed their samples front and centre.

The compilation’s second half is a more ethereal affair: a set of meditative ambient soundscapes. Reverberant drones, disembodied vocals and incantations from Alexandra Spence, Babyxxan, Match Fixer and Lisa Lerkenfeldt. Portland artist Patricia Wolf briefly pulls the album back into orbit; the celestial ‘Morning Light’ opens with a flurry of bird calls taken from the musician’s recent trip to Mount Saint Helens in Washington. ‘In The Distance (Blood Moon Mix)’ by Sydney’s Marco Vella, closes the compilation, the setting somewhere just past sundown.

The 13 tracks that make up Out of Season were made in Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul, Austin, Chicago, Portland, Berlin and New Zealand.

100% of the proceeds from Out of Season will go to headspace, a national youth mental health foundation that provides early intervention mental health services to 12 to 25-year-olds.