VZLINE releases The Hill Beyond

By Balamii

VZLINE releases The Hill Beyond on SE Records - a melancholic, dreamy and cinematic song, a hybrid between classical, indie rock and ambient.

Listen back to it here:

VZLINE has collaborated with renowned London-based artist 'Orfeo Tagiuri' in making the cover art for this single. Orfeo Tagiuri has previously collaborated on artworks and music videos with UK-artists James Blake and Jesse James Solomon.

VZLINE, a.k.a. Eileen Vazquez, is a London and Dubai based music producer - born in Houston TX, of French and Turkish origin, grew up in Dubai and has lived in London for over 5 years. She's a musically versatile artist, playing a mix of genres - classical, jazz, rock, and electronic, with her signature dreamy melodies and harmonies. You can catch her show with us on the 4th Friday of every month @ 5-7pm

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