Welcome To Our New Website: A Message From Balamii's Founder

By James Browning

Welcome to the new Balamii website.

It's a culmination of 6 years work. Over 8000 radio shows can now be found in one place - that’s over 16,000 hours of radio. Each show is allocated to one of over 700 hosts and categorised into 127 different genres, all of which are fully explorable.

What started as an app, delivering mixes I had recorded in London’s clubs has grown bit by bit into a radio station broadcasting 24/7 to a global audience.

Alongside radio, Balamii also produces events, video and with this new website we can also have a go at putting out written articles too.

Creating all this from scratch has been the pleasure of my life (also the hardest thing I’ve done) and it’s great that we can now finally publish everything we do in a neat website.

I’ve been planning and working on all these individual bits coming together like this for around 4 years now and I’m super happy with how it’s all turned out.

We make great radio with wonderful people from all walks of life - the diversity and variety of music you'll hear on Balamii is testament to that. The events series we host every summer and winter are another highlight - we support the live scene we love by putting on gigs with some of the best talent around. They are free entry making them accessible to everyone whilst getting artists paid and are held in some of the most amazing venues in London.

We’ve recently started producing videos to complement everything else that’s going on and I feel we have yet to hit our stride here but it’s coming.

I don’t really have a plan with our written content yet but I want our articles to be created of and pertain to positive energy and togetherness through music.

We have a wonderful community here and it’s growing into something bigger. Thanks to everyone who’s ever been involved - all the artists, hosts, freelance staff & volunteers, there's far too many people to name names but you all know who you are and I've got you a drink when we can see each other.

Most of all, the biggest thanks goes out to everyone listening & watching from around the world, you guys are the best.

To anyone arriving here for the first time, I hope you find something you enjoy.

Much love xx