Beats w/ LCYTN

Downtempo Dream Pop

LCYTN was live with her show Beats. In this episode she curated 10 tracks by asian female artists that have and are breaking boundaries creatively, new and old.

About the show Lucy said : "This episode is especially dedicated to 19 year old Burmese singer, Angel Kyal Sin, who was murdered on March 4 by the military junta while peacefully protesting. Her song “No Reason” is last track played. We’re all going thru it right now so check up on your loved ones today as we all need support, especially your female friends <3 love. Dontation Link -'


1 Bros Ey Kov Prerl - Pan Ren
2 Talk! Talk! - Ena Mori
3 Htet - Come N Go
4 Lý LuậN Tình Yêu (Love Reasoning) - Connie Kim
5 Damn Right - Audrey Nuna
6 Chicken Lemon Rice - Priya Ragu
7 I <3 Harujuku - Alice Longyu Gao
8 Outside - Hana Vu
9 33 - Shye
10 No Reason - Ma Kyal Sin