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Biorhythms w/ Cat

Ambient New Age Folk Field Recordings
Host: Cat Byrne

Ambient and new age picks on this month's episode of Biorhythms. Listen back for music from the likes of Shovel Dance Collective, Nick Drake, and some field recordings from Cat.


1 Field recording - Stave hill pond, Soundcamp - Cat
2 Long Beach - Maxine Funke
3 Stretch Mabati - KMRU
4 Field recording - Pipistrelle through an IPhone - Cat
5 Winter Couplet I - Ether
6 2 Softly Brushed By Wind [ft. Joseph Shabason] - Early Fern
7 Camera flash on the Deptford, The Rolling Waves, crashing spring waves by the Cutty Sark - Shovel Dance Collective
8 Slow Motion Blackbird - Chris Hughes
9 Winter is Gone - Nick Drake
10 Listen To The Grass Grow - Catrin Finch &Seckou Keita
11 Horizons - Jasmine Myra
12 Wise Bird - D.K.
13 June 11 - White Bird - June11
14 Deep Distance - Ashra
15 Fall into Flowers (Intro( - Doc Sleep
16 Water Runs Dry - Sam Gendel
17 On The Mountain - John David
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