Biorhythms w/ Cat Byrnes

Downtempo Ambient Field Recordings
Host: Cat Byrne

This month’s Biorhythms marks the year anniversary of the show on Balamii. Cat takes us from field recording heavy ambience, through electronic birdsong, to Fatboy Slim, for a real energising start to the day.


1 Welcome to Abundancia (Lima, Peru) - Steffen Ki
2 Root Tattoo - Tape
3 A Space for Dreaming - Laura Cannell
4 mood - KMRU
5 conversationswithbirds - Unreleased (Cat Byrne)
6 Honor - Photay with Carlos Niño
7 When You Finally Return - Six Organs Of Admittance
8 Jack's Gift - SAULT
9 Sad Nudes - Cate Le Bon & Group Listening
10 Birds of Bahia - Alex Kassian
11 Hanging With The Birds - Parris
12 Victoria Amazonica - Sign Libra
13 Highland Spring - No Moon
14 All Wild Things Are Shy - Huerta
15 Sunset (Bird of Prey) - Fatboy Slim
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