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Club Signal

Leftfield Ambient Electro Dub Downtempo
Host: Club Signal

Two hours of ambient, trip-hop, downtempo, IDM and experimental electronic music from Sneaky Pete's Club's Club Signal. Featuring seminal bits from the 90s and early 2000s alongside new, unreleased and forthcoming music.


1 Melon City - Dream Carpets
2 Sequor - Sync 24
3 Cloud Forest - Heavenchord
4 hidden mass - duun
5 Before You Leave - Nor Elle
6 Together In Silence - Saafi Brothers
7 Hexametre - Deep Space Network
8 Skyfields - Z-Plane
9 Come On Then - Inhmost
10 Proton / Electron - Carbon Based Lifeforms
11 Each One Teach One - Dub Mix Convention
12 See The Sky - Azure Taint
13 track 2 - SVN
14 Recieve - Cosmofonica
15 Strange New World - JFC
16 Superfrühstück - Thomas Fehlmann
17 Electric Lullaby - Terry Francis & Harris
18 Suzuki - Tosca
19 Neuland - Index ID
20 Virginia - Woodman
21 Soundtrack From A Strange ER - Redcell
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