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Coco Bryce

Jungle Hip hop Leftfield Dub Jazz
Host: Coco Bryce

Coco Bryce's latest show features a collection of recent finds and vinyl purchases from their trip across the US and Canada. Leftfield electronics, old-school hip hop, and junglism inside from the likes of James Pants, Dillinja, and Delroy Williams.


1 1. You're Just The Right Size - Count
2 2. Kash - James Pants
3 3. Mayus Apamusqa - The Blind Street Muscicians Of Cuzco
4 4. The Oracle - The Heliocentrics
5 5. Book Of Life - Hi Tech
6 6. Mama Say Bullshit - Rod Lee
7 7. Fever (Dub Version) - Toussaint L'Ouverture
8 8. Hang Em High - Sadat X
9 9. In The Mood - Dillinja
10 10. Smiley But Not Friendly - Smiley
11 11. Renee - Lost Boyz
12 12. From My Heart - Delroy Williams
13 13. We Reserve The Right To Rock (45 King Remix) - Cold Crush Brothers
14 14. Don't Run Away (The Raz Mix) - Denise M
15 15. For The Record - Smut Peddlers
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