Equinox w/ Fortresses

Experimental Ambient Drone
Host: Fortresses

Fortress is back this month with another instalment of Equinox. Listen back to a collection of ambient and experimental tracks from the likes of Sunmoonstar, James N Murray and H. Takahashi.


1 Ferns and I - Loris S. Sarid
2 Rose Loomis - Sunmoonstar
3 Dissolve Into The Sun - Tarotplane
4 Forest from the Trees - Alex Albrecht
5 Emerald - H. Takahashi
6 To Ether - James N Murray
7 Purification-The Alchemical Crunch - Alanis Morrisette
8 Becalmed - Food
9 A Separation Made Permanent - Andrew Tasselmeyer
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