Es Lo Que Es w/ Amy Janelle

Funk Soul Rare Groove Northern Soul
Host: Amy Janelle

Broadcasting from Brooklyn, New York, Amy Janelle brings a mixture of 50's, 60's, and 70's ballads on this month's Es Lo Que Es. Listen back for tracks from the likes of The Lovelites, Jato Von Del, and Inner Soul.


1 I Got A Whole Lot To Be Thankful For - Wilson Williams
2 I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow - Joe Bataan
3 I Can Feel The Tears - ACT III
4 The Sly, Sick, and The Wicked - The Lost Generation
5 This Love Is Real - The Lovelites
6 I'm So Sad - Benitez and Nebula
7 Wish Someone Would Care - Irma Thomas
8 Go Away Dream - The Chi-Lites
9 I Can Be Cool - Bob and Gene
10 I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser - The Brothers Of Soul
11 I'm Gonna Treat You Good - The Donations
12 Gotta Find A Way - Bob and Gene
13 Sho' Nuff - Sly, Sick, and The Wicked
14 When We Get Married - The Dreamlovers
15 Just A Few Steps Up The Isle - Jato Von Del
16 My Love For You - Winfield Parker
17 Stranger At My Door - Fuller Bros
18 Really Really Love You - Ronnie Walker
19 Under The Street Lamp - The Exits
20 The Tears - Little Tony and The Hawks
21 If You Love Me - The Informers
22 Bring Me Happiness - Rosie and Ron
23 Must Be Love Coming Down - Major Lance
24 Old Man Me - Frank Hutton
25 I'm A Fool, I Must Love You - Falcons
26 It's All Over - Pearl Dowell
27 I'm So Glad Youre Back - Shirley Walton
28 I Have No Choice - Johnny Mae Mathews
29 I'll Be Your Champion (I'll Be Your Winner) - Jimmy Soul Clark
30 Don't Be Afraid (Do As I Say) - Frankie Karl and The Dreams
31 Stay Away From Me - Major Lance
32 Here's Where I Get Off - Attila and The Huns
33 I'm Still Here - The Notations
34 Who Has The Last Laugh Now - Bloodstone
35 I Dont Wanna Cry - After Hours
36 Hey Love! - Delfonics
37 I Love You More - Lee Williams and The Cymbals
38 Put The Hurt On You - Inner Soul
39 Hey Mr. Love - The Citations
40 I'll Ger You Back - Renaldo Domino
41 A Taste Of Honey - The Ghosters
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