Footnotes w/ Grace Wang: Just Us

Hip hop Ambient Funk
Host: Grace Wang

Footnotes explores sounds from books, and for the last show of 2020, Grace Wang takes us through her favourite book of the year. Through poetry, research and visual art, Just Us by Claudia Rankine shows us how to talk to each other about race, and how to stay in the room together. In this show enjoy ambient, funk and hip-hop tracks from Garrett, Lord Tusk and MAVI.


1 So - The Soft Pink Truth
2 The Coin Blinked - G. S. Schray
3 Angel Reflections - Garrett
4 Ballada w Rytmie Dzins - Wiktor Stribog
5 Nubian Space Travellers - Lord Tusk
6 Slappy - Shakey
7 Lumbargo - Low Flung
8 Is There Any Love - Trevor Dandy
9 Black Rage - Lauryn Hill
10 Brown Grrl - Blue Iverson
11 Situations - Dwight Sykes & Jahari
12 terms and conditions - MAVI
13 Black Man Time - Pedro Retro
14 Madting - Hype Williams
15 Nightshift - The Commodores
16 To Each His Own - Patricia Rushen
17 Tell Me How It Feels - 52nd Street
18 The Good Old Days of Tomorrow are Now - Dissidenten
19 Open Your Mind - Kleeer
20 Emancipation of My Soul - Terrence Parker