Luke Elliott w/ Carlos Ferreira

Synth Ambient Field Recordings Soundtrack
Host: Luke Elliot

Join Luke Elliott on the first Thursday of the month for a voyage into sound, focusing on all things Ambient and Field Recording. This month Luke will be joined by Brazilian-born ambient producer Carlos Ferreira.


1 Wired - iu takahashi
2 Long Time, No See - Ryan J Raffa
3 Seven Still - Sycamore Willow & Luke Elliott
4 Before Memories Fade - Carlos Ferreira
5 Liminal - Carlos Ferreira
6 Aimless Wandering - Carlos Ferreira
7 Dandelion (feat. Felipe Ayres) - Carlos Ferreira
8 Accepting Transience (feat. Hero Nakamura) - Carlos Ferreira
9 Before Memories Fade - Carlos Ferreira
10 Nostalgia (feat. w unds) - Carlos Ferreira
11 Cloudy Morning (feat. Fu_k The Zeitgeist) - Carlos Ferreira
12 Take Care (feat. Christina Giannone) - Carlos Ferreira
13 Tilflukt - Julia Gjertsen & Nico Rosenberg
14 Frog Chorus - Patricia Wolf
15 Voiding - Jogging House
16 Coyotes Yipping At Night - Patricia Wolf
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