Magick FM

Synth Dream Pop Ambient
Host: Magick FM

Synth pop and ambient selects from the likes of Brian Eno, Kelsey Lu, and Laraaji on this month's Magick FM.


1 Sit Around The Fire - Jon Hopkins with Ram Dass & East Forest
2 Alone (Space Traveler) - James Vincent
3 Just Another Day - Brian Eno
4 Keep Stills (Still's Keep) - Paul Arámbula
5 Decades - Mittland och Leo
6 Jesus Going to Clean House - Lee Tracy & Isaac Manning
7 Master Ship - Starship Commander Wooooo Wooooo
8 Laws of Manifestation - Laraaji
9 Wind - John Carroll Kirby
10 Ever New (Kelsey Lu's Transportation) - Kelsey Lu
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