Night Cycle

Downtempo Experimental Ambient Contemporary Classical Soundtrack
Host: Night Cycle

Si Edwards provided one hour of delicate, downtempo selections this month on Night Cycle. Expect Ambience and contemporary classical sounds from Jonny Greenwood, Akira Kosemura, Joseph Shabason, and more.


1 Tree Strings - Jonny Greenwood
2 The House That Harga Built - Bobby Krlic
3 Go On Board - Akira Kosemura
4 Dislocation - Blue Angels
5 I Thought That I Could Get Away With It - Joseph Shabason
6 Growth Of The Night Plants I & II - A Name For Both Of Us
7 Ever New - Beverly Glenn-Copeland
8 Welcome - Sam Wilkes
9 (Half-Light Of) The Cadmium Moon - Andrew Wasylyk
10 Beaufort - Felbm
11 A Further Look At Loss - Andrew Wasylyk
12 Umi No Ue Kara - Yasuaki Shimizu
13 Rock Your Baby - Emerson Kitamura