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Odd Selects w/ Odqin: For Palestine

Hip hop Folk Field Recordings Interview Spoken Word
Host: Odqin

This month’s episode spotlights Palestine in the light of the genocide that’s currently taking place. A one-hour journey through Palestinian music, field recordings, spoken word, and poetry.

Artwork by: Nour Elbasuni


2 Elegy for a Lone Martyr - Faraj Suleiman
5 Ounadikom - Ahmad Kaabour
7 Sanarjiou - Fairuz
8 Tulbah (Proposition) - El-Fonoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe
10 A'daffa - Ahmad Kaabour
12 Holako (Hulagu) - Alif
14 Mo Light - 47SOUL
16 Uru Salem - Muqata'a, Mehdi Haddab, Walaa Sbait
19 Soot Ramallah - Haykal
20 Mtaktak - Al Nather, Shabjdeed
21 Marcel - Fawzi, Big Murk
23 Sixty Cycle Drum - Filastine
24 Tartaqa - Makimakkuk
27 Felesteen Dawla | فلسطين دوله - El Sheikh Emam - الشيخ امام
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