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Experimental Ambient Drone Field Recordings
Host: Paduan

This month Paduan provides an hour of drone textures and subtle melodies, featuring music from the likes of Celia Hollander, Orchid Dealer, and Tsujino Kui.


1 11:01 PM - Celia Hollander
2 III - Yolabmi
3 maze - blochemy
4 Ebon Flow - Meg Mulhearn & Belly Full of Stars
5 Sublavio - Xu & Oberlin
6 Salacia - Meg Mulhearn & Belly Full of Stars
7 Dymaxion Variation - Oberlin
8 Orchid - Orchid Dealer
9 222(kuda) - Tsujino Kui
10 Concert for Korean Square, Ridgewood - Chaperone
11 IV - Yolabmi
12 Daybreak - Orchid Dealer
13 彼女の眠りをサポート - Tsujino Kui
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