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R.E.D b2b Thom Parris

Techno Dub techno Bass
Host: R.E.D

R.E.D's first show of the new year was a power hour b2b with Thom Parris. Listen back for dubbed out techno chug and UK bass cuts.


1 Deadman - Shackleton
2 Induction - Eich
3 NMA007 - ethno service
4 EX-Tension - Jorg Kuning
5 Earworm - Syz
6 Polarities - LUXE & Tom Place
7 Uuha - LAS
8 Reggaeton Sex - Amor Satyr & Siu Mata
9 Puk codes - Spray
10 Magic Carpet (Guy Contact) - Solar Suite
11 Ctrl - cocktail party effect
12 Intel - LOIF
13 Primal - Puglilist
14 Skweezy Bird vs Woodwin - RAMZi & River Yarra
15 MYKI - Gamma closure
16 Katakali - Medicine Drum
17 Drug games - spin cycle
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