Radio Kiki

Experimental Ambient Field Recordings Spoken Word
Host: Radio Kiki

Concepts untainted by sound or sight, just rolling around shutting ideas down before they even get a chance to start.

Thoughts are little seeds underground which need sunlight, let them breathe!
Radio Kiki is a hug, the sun shining on your face as you walk down the road in the morning. An hour of smooth spoken word mixed with field recordings and bassy tunes to move you where it counts, encouraging you with whatever you might be doing, being sure not to wake you from your slumber.


1 Squelch - K-Lone
2 Mantodea vs. Furcifer Pardalis - Sign Libra
3 There’s a Moon Out Tonight - The Capris
4 Slow Jam - Vieux Farka Touré
5 Insecure Behaviour And Fuckery - Loraine James
6 I Wrote This Song For The Girl Paris Hilton - Vincent Gallo
7 Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts - Funkadelic
8 Passing By - Zero 7 ft. Sophie Barker
9 The Hostess - E Ruscha V
10 Library Chant - Michael Andrews
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