Repetitive Strain

Experimental Punk Noise

Repetitive Strain hole up from the snow for this month's hour of warped tapes, gabber kicks and hallucinogenic bliss. Tracks from Territorial Gobbing, Bulbils, Front De Cadeaux and Mika Miko.


1 when u sleep - ben bondy
2 Original Besttrack (Abe's Oddysee Extended Mix) - Helena Celle
3 Like The Devil (estoc Remix) - Eteraz
4 Radiation Man - Fault 151
5 Breather X.O.X.O. - Unrest
6 Let's Get Ready To Rumble - Territorial Gobbing
7 Great Question - Sleeper And Snake
8 You've Had A Long Day - Bulbils
9 We Ride - Flesh Of Morning
10 Ouvre Ta Bouche (FM Dub) - Front De Cadeaux
11 Undone - Public Interest
12 Business Cats - Mika Miko
13 On a Micro Diet - Mystic 100's
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