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Repetitive Strain: RS 4 RS

Experimental J-Pop

Repetitive Strain for Ryuichi Sakamoto forever. This month we pay tribute to one of our favourite artists whose work we can only scratch the surface of this hour: from early recordings and YMO technopop bangers to production highlights and Dreamcast soundscapes, enjoy.


1 α / Φ (Music Differencielle 1°) - Toshi Tsuchitori & Ryuichi Sakamoto
2 sea - hoon
3 Bamboo Houses - Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian
4 Iconic Storage - Ryuichi Sakamoto
5 Field Work (Long - LON) - Ryuichi Sakamoto & Thomas Dolby
6 Howdy (NTT, 1984) - Ryuichi Sakamoto
7 Prayer (Pan Sonic Remix, Parts A, B, C) - Ryuichi Sakamoto
8 Finale - Phew
9 Tong Poo - Akiko Yano
10 SEGA Dreamcast Sound Logo (1998) - Ryuichi Sakamoto
11 Storm - Ryuichi Sakamoto
12 A Rain Song - Ryuichi Sakamoto
13 Microsoft IE 4.0 Theme 1 (1998) - Ryuichi Sakamoto
14 Heartbeat (Club Mix by Satoshi Tomiie) - Ryuichi Sakamoto
15 1,000 Knives - Yellow Magic Orchestra
16 A Rose - Ryuichi Sakamoto
17 You (Ending) (NHK, 1982) - Ryuichi Sakamoto
18 Perspective - Yellow Magic Orchestra
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