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Sid El Machhour w/ Leo Zeggaï

Rai Chaabi Aalaoui Targui

Sid El Machhour is one year old! Spiritual ouds, traditional border rhythms, cabaret Raï extravagance and the grimy voices of current drill MCs. A drop in the immensity of North-African creativity.


1 Death and Resurrection - Ahmad Jamal
2 Oud Improvisation - Alla
3 Djanet - Athmane Bali
4 Kheirli Ana - Lemma
5 Karn Arbaatche - Aziouz Rais
6 Weli Ou Rwai - Djallel
7 Kol Mara - Cheba Nabila
8 Mouhal Nfarkek - Ouled EL Hayte
9 El Hadja Maghnia - Ouled El Hadja Maghnia
10 Sougi Bellati - Talbi One
11 Ana El Ghalete - Mazouni
12 Maniche Nesha - Reda Diamond
13 M'en Galbi Rani Netaleem Chir Labes Lacoste W L3alem - Cheba Warda Charlomanti
14 نكون مديرونجي تعيطلي هيا نجي - Cheb Djawed
15 Ana naachak ana adalak - Cheb Houssem
16 Bekatni - Cheb Mami
17 Khoudh ou Het - Saffwizz
18 Alo - RARE x Dak
19 Cortisol - MC Artisan & Arkitekt T
20 Marsilia - Flenn
21 Mathusalem - TIF
22 Aadab Galbi - Cheb Nasro
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