Sun In Your Head w/ Adam Barkley

Minimal Ambient Contemporary Classical
Host: Adam Barkley

This month on Sun In Your Head, Adam Barkley selects sixty minutes of experimental and contemporary organ music, featuring new works from Fujita and Anna Von Hausswolff.


1 KŌMORI - FUJI||||||||||TA
2 Meditation at Kunstkulturkirche Allerheiligen - Blake Hargreaves
3 Outside the Gate for Bruna - Anna Von Hausswolff
4 Diaphonia Basilica - Sarah Davachi
5 Mid Morning with Fishing Boat (Zadar Sea Organ) - Miles Copeland
6 Bardo - Robert Curgenven
7 Rose Wreath Crown (For CW) - Kali Malone
8 Elegie - Stefan Fraunberger
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