Sun In Your Head w/ Adam Barkley and Doran Edwards

Host: Adam Barkley

Sun In Your Head was joined by guest Doran Edwards, playing unreleased works from his latest project 'Singing The Voices of Others'. Delicate ambience, feedback loops and free improvisation throughout.


1 Gravity Map - Paul Prudence
2 A Thread in the Mud - Doran Edwards
3 Let Pass My Weary Guiltless Ghost Skogen (Excerpt) - Magnus Granberg
4 Forever Listening - Jasmine Guffond
5 A Gathering in the Trees - Doran Edwards
6 Nightvision - O.Blaat
7 Ring - Aisha Orazbayeva
8 Grade Two Extended - Ryoko Akama
9 Nymphaea - H. Takahashi
10 Coralli del Sile - Carlo Giustini
11 Singing The Voices of Others (Excerpt) - Doran Edwards
12 Two - Leyland Kirby
13 Nogitsune - O Yama O