The Descent w/ Raen Arthur and Dagmar Kross

Experimental Ambient

The descent was live with Raen Arthur, 2 hours of tripped out and experimental electronics from the likes of KMRU, Teresa Winter and Abul Mogard. To round off the show Danish noise artist Dagmar Kross performs an of the fly 25-minute track composed specifically for the show.


1 Alocasia Garden - Movement:2 (Dysphagia)
2 Karl O'Connor - Live Tonal Separate
3 Powell Tillmans - Tone Me
4 Miguel A. Garcia & Frans de Waard - Two
5 Croatian Amor - The River That Flows in You Also Flows In Me
6 KMRU - odra
7 Divorce Ring - Visions Of A Field
8 Damian Dubrovnik - Skytter På Broen (Pride Of Precision)
9 Teresa Winter - นม and earth
10 Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti & John Duncan - Untitled (Nicky B2)
11 Aube - I.M.
12 Abul Mogard - The Goldfinch Rises
13 Regis - Eros in Tangiers
14 Marc Codsi - Empty Resonant Shells
15 aidnq - Shifted Sands
16 Dagmar Kross - You Live In A Beautiful World
17 ssabæ - snake city