Then Is Always w/ Happa and Jabes

Experimental Industrial Ambient New Age

NEW TO BALAMII - Happa and Jabes present the first instalment of Then Is Always. For 60 minutes they ran through a selection of ambience, new age and experimental electronica - all stitched together with found audio and field recordings. Music inside from Eliane Radigue, Svarte Greiner and Jon Gibson.


1 Klaus Weise - The Ritual I
2 Aaron Dilloway - Songs About Jason (Side A)
3 Eliane Radigue - L'Île Re-Sonante
4 Svarte Greiner - The Black Dress
5 Alan Lamb - Beauty (Short Version)
6 Merope - Oi Toli
7 Terre Thaemlitz & Ben Galyas - Terre Loves Robin
8 Sandoz Lab Technicians - An Ounce of Birds Blood
9 Lawrence English - The Only Way Out Is In
10 Die Reihe - 106 Kerri Chandler Chords
11 Michèle Bokanowski - Rhapsodia
12 Jon Gibson - Untitled
13 Inca Ore - Everlasting Fountain
14 Rabih Beaini - Song of Extreme Happiness