Then Is Always w/ Happa & Jabes

Leftfield Experimental Ambient New Age Field Recordings

Happa and Jabes return with a show inspired by the moments that followed in the wake of storm Eunice and the contrast of chaos and darkness with light and peace. It was recorded at a similar time to this last year and draws heavily from spring and its rapidly changing weather, temperature, and mood as the year shifts towards the summer.


1 When Spring Comes In - George Townsend
2 Kemo Sabe - newworldaquarium
3 Untitled 6 - Svitlana Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko
4 Unknown - Unknown
5 The Little Lord Of Misrule - Anine O'Dwyer
6 Polish Springtime Carol - Unknown
7 Listen, The Snow is Falling - Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalet
8 Horse Of The Woods - Chris Watson
9 Lanquidity - Sun Ra
10 City Of Sin - Not Waving & Dark Mark
11 Matt Carlson, Michael Stirling & Doug Theriault - Mishra Bhairavi
12 Tanking For Zion - Trouble Books
13 ???? - Klein
14 It's a New Day - Lewis Baloue
15 N/A - Sarah Davachi
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