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Voidstepping w/ Crystal

Dream Pop Ambient Psychedelic Dub
Host: Voidstepping

Crystal was back with another instalment of Voidstepping. She brought a stack of ambient, dream pop, dub and psychedelic sounds from the likes of Jay Glass Dubs, Julee Cruise and Yin Yin.


1 Gorunmez Hava - Anadol
2 Marquito - Kiko Dinucci
3 Dambala - Exuma
4 Levy Attend - David Fenech and Klimperei
5 Alpaca Mountain - Yin Yin
6 Tricks me my mind - Bitchin Bajas and Natural Information Society
7 When there is no sun - Sun Ra
8 She moves on - Paul Simon
9 Someday - Ronnie Walker
10 Mysteries of Love - Julee Cruise
11 Perilous - Chromasy
12 Sighs of a sea turtle - Obay Alsharani
13 Mask - Visible Cloaks
14 Plants - Shoshy
15 Watching you without me - Kate Bush
16 Thunk - Startled Insects
17 Harbinger of the light - Curses
18 Perception - Lunacy
19 Interlude 11/Careless Dub - Jay Glass Dubs
20 Crusoe takes a trip - Red Snapper
21 Macondos Prospects - CZN
22 Mother Tongue - Dead Can Dance
23 Fearless - Jon Hassell
24 In a window - Jon Porros
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